Hello, I'm Shantal!

+ I'm a visual storyteller of everyday life. I firmly believe in the importance of preserving, documenting and capturing the beauty and life around us. I think people are absolutely beautiful, and everyone has such special uniqueness that is unlike any other. I thrive in having the opportunity to capture real moments, emotions and interaction- showcasing the natural you.

+ I'm a photographer by day, and hand letterer by night. You can view my lettering HERE!

+ I could watch old movies on the daily, and I much prefer writing letters to phone/online communication. 

+ My mom has taught me everything I know, including nurturing and bringing out my artistic side (she is a powerful writer, amazing designer and incredible painter...just to name a few). I owe everything to her relentless, beautiful sacrifice and heart.

+ A dream of mine would be to one day move to a quaint little town and open up a cafe + bakery AND write lots of cook books. And of course, a food blog. You always need to have a food blog. 

+ I am a follower of Jesus Christ. He has captivated my heart to it's core. I love Him dearly, and know with full assurance that He loves me. (Actually, so much more...)