Do you have a DSLR camera, but are not comfortable using it? This fun, interactive group workshop will be focused on disecting the ins-and-outs of your camera, and have you feeling confident to shoot in full manual mode. Along with all the information you will receive, we will be working together on a live shoot with all our newfound knowledge. 

WHAT: Learn about photography basics and documentary photography in a fun, engaging and intimate workshop setting for women!

COST: $150 
WHEN: Saturday, October 28th / 11AM - 3:30PM
WHERE: Victoria BC (Hosted in a gorgeous large, naturally lit studio- specific location TBA)

- 3+ Hours of teaching
- Hands-on practice time
- Light snacks + beverages 
- A take home package full of class notes and cheat sheets 
- Exclusive discounts on: Lifestyle Sessions and One-on-One Mentor Sessions
- Invited to private Facebook group to share your questions, discoveries and photos with fellow workshop members!

- Cameras + Lenses
- Camera Settings
- Light + Composition
- Mastering Manual Mode
- Intro to Documentary: Capturing Candid Moments

You will leave the workshop with newfound eagerness, confidence and knowledge to take control of your camera and create real, authentic images! And a bonus- you will also leave with a group of new friends, who share in your photography passion!

To enroll, please follow this link: 

*Please Note* 8 seats available on a first-come basis. You MUST own a DSLR. Once your submission has been approved, a $50 deposit is due to reserve you seat. The remainder of the fee due on the workshop date.

COST: $250 
($50 OFF when booked with Phase One!)

WHAT: Whether you have completed Phase One, or want to take your images to the next level, this fun, interactive group shoot workshop is a great way of learning about lifestyle photography + using natural light. This is a HANDS-ON workshop. You MUST have an understanding and be comfortable with using your camera + manual mode. We will start by meeting for 1+ hour, to chat and discuss what we will be shooting and all the wonderful details involved. We will then do TWO pre-arranged live shoots as a group, where I will walk you through my process and show you how to create natural, connected images. We will then end our time over some tea/coffee and treats to wrap up everything we have learned. 

NOVEMBER 4th: Family live shoot (in home) + Individual Portrait live shoot (outdoor)
November 18th: Couples live shoot (in home) + Individual Portrait live shoot (outdoor)

- 4+ Hours of Live-Shooting 
- Practice making the most of natural light
- Lots of hands-on practice + guidance
- Take home info with tips + tricks on creating natural images
- Exclusive discounts on: Lifestyle Sessions and One-on-One Mentor Sessions
- Invited to private Facebook group to share your questions, discoveries and photos with fellow workshop members!  

To enroll, please follow this link: 

*Please Note* 3 spots available per date on a first-come basis. You MUST own a DSLR and be comfortable using it. A $50 deposit is due to reserve your spot. Once booked, workshop spots are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Whether you are a beginner photographer or already have a photography business started, these one-on-one mentor sessions are completely customized and designed for YOU. Having over 6 years of lifestyle + portrait photography experience, I am excited to start sharing some of the tips, tricks and knowledge that I have obtained over the years!

I have set TWO options for these mentor sessions.
The first is geared towards beginner photographers, and the second towards photographers who already have an understanding of their DSLR camera, and want to take their business to the next level.


This in-depth 4 hour session covers camera fuction (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc), lenses, RAW & JPEG files, and the basics of nautral light. We will meet somewhere rad, dive into your session, eat (because that is extremly important), and you will leave your sessions with a better understanding and confidence to utilize full manual settings. You will also be provided with an information booklet + some activity sheets to take home with you!

Do you have a friend who is also interested in learning? These sessions are great fun to do in group settings- let's all learn together!

1 Person: $500
2 People: $400/each

1-Hour batch sessions are available as well:
4 Sessions: $500
6 Sessions: $720
8 Sessions: $880
12 Sessions: $1260


So you already have an understanding of your DSLR camera, but want to take your photography to the next level. This one-on-one session is all chat. We will meet at a rad cofee shop. We will sip, munch and cover a multitude of topics (that have been previously established based on your needs/desired), and go through all questions you have. Whether you are wanting to go over business, posing, client interaction, goal setting, website/portfolio review (and the list goes on!), all questions are welcome.

1 Person: $175/hour
2 People: $125/hour


We chat + SHOOT. That's right. This session includes all the delights of the basic advanced mentor session, additionally with a 1+ hour live session that we will work through together. The session will be arranged based on your primary area of focus (family, couples, portrat), and we will walk through how I interact with clients, and capture candid, unposed images in natural light.
We will end our time together with a mini portrait session of YOU (because I simply cannot resist). It's so important to be aware of how our clients feel infront of a camera so we can better relate with them and work to create that optimal comfort level. Sessions last between 4-6 hours, with a maximum of two people per session.

1 Person: $600
2 People: $500/each