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        Let’s meet at my favourite local coffee shop or Skype, and chat for 90 minutes about you + your business! This time is completely catered to you and any questions you have about your business.

        A few examples include: navigating social media, SEO, posing, finding your style + attracting your dream clients, portfolio/website review, etc.


        Let’s spend half a day together! We will start with some business talk at my favourite coffee shop. We will chat for up to 2 hours and go over any questions you have (because this is completely catered to you!).

        Then we will take ourselves into the great outdoors. I will have a session set up, based on your focus (Ex. Family, couples, portrait), and we will walk through the session. You will learn new posing techniques, and how to work in different natural light settings. You will leave with a creative boost, new knowledge about running your business, and some rad images to add to your portfolio!


        *Now taking applicants for fall 2018*

        Let’s go on a journey together. Whether you are just starting out your photography business, feeling at a loss as to which steps to take next, or need some creative fuel, this course is completely customized to YOU.

        The course involves weekly meetings (1-2 hours in length, but let’s be honest, once we start talking, they may go on longer). The main focus will be helping you understand who you are and what your business is all about. We will also be covering a variety of topics that you have chosen, which can include: branding, marketing, SEO, targeting clients, social media, and so much more. There are weeks when you will be leaving our meetings with worksheets or homework. While we will be doing much discussing and talking over the weeks, we will also be doing a minimum of 2 sessions together, all tailored to the subject of your choice/focus. The sessions provide a great portfolio building opportunity, as well as one-on-one coaching on achieving unposed + candid imagery.

        In order to provide you with the quality and attention you absolutely deserve, only one 4-week mentorship will be offered at a time.

        Let's connect!

        These mentorship sessions are for family, portrait and/or wedding photographers.
        Please leave as much information as you would like, the more info you leave, the better I will be able to help + teach you!