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        Where you plan to do your session is such an important detail, as this will be the backdrop in all of your images.  Choose a location that is special to you, or one that represents a type of area you go to often. If you love to hike, spend time at the beach, in your home, or at a coffee shop, then let’s choose one of those spots that represent YOU.

        WHAT TO WEAR?

        Behold, the most asked question! Wear something that represents YOU (you will start to see a reoccurring theme here). If you want to dress up and wear something special, that’s wonderful! If you want to dress in something you are most comfortable in, like jeans, you rock you! Keep in mind what type of location you will be going to and what your outfit(s) will look like in that setting- will they compliment of clash with the location?

        Matching outfits? Let’s move away from those. You can still achieve a uniform look while having individual outfits. You can bring together outfits by selecting complimentary patterns or colours. Layers and accessories always add a great dimension to outfits and are a perfect way to tie everything in.

        PLEASE AVOID- anything with bold prints, patterns, logos or designs; socks + sandals, and baseball caps.

        Bring Activities + Props

        Bringing an activity, games or some props gives you something to do with your hands, and if there are children, it engages the little ones and creates authentic smiles and natural moments. A few examples can be; picnics, singing, balloons, bubbles, your favourite blanket...the ideas are endless! When you and/or your family is engaged in something that you love doing together or individually, candid and beautiful moments are created.


        Rest + Time

        I want to ensure you have a stress free + enjoyable session!

        • Start by getting your props, activities and outfits chosen ahead of time.
        • Take a few hours off before your session just to relax and prepare. Leave yourself plenty of time to get ready. If you are doing a family or couples session, spend some time beforehand with your family or partner, just spending time together and interacting. This will bring an ease to your session and make is seem more like it’s just part of your day, and not an appointment.
        • Ladies, treat yourself! Get your hair and makeup done. If you are doing a family session, you can have this done while your hubby gets the little ones ready.
        • For family sessions- As sessions are often booked in the evenings, many people will eat after their sessions. Unfortunately, with little ones, this generally creates a restlessness. Please ensure that everyone is fed and hydrated (or bring along a few healthy snacks)!

        HAVE FUN!

        Think of your session as a special time that you have just with your partner, or family, to connect, bond and love on each other. HAVE FUN. Laugh, giggle, tickle, joke, snuggle, embrace, play. This lets me capture true emotion, love and interaction. Remember that not everyone has to be looking at the camera, at the same time. Stay engaged, interact, and love on each other. Your eyes will be on your family members or partner, which makes your smiles sweet and natural. I want to depict and capture natural and authentic connections and moments.